Complete Boiler and Steam System Operation, Monitoring, Maintenance and Optimisation Service
Boroledi offers a range of operations, maintenance and optimisation packages for steam systems, giving our clients peace of mind, reducing system operating costs, improving safety levels and protecting your assets. We offer this service in different permutations designed to meet the needs of each individual client:

Benefit from the presence of highly trained operating and maintenance staff, 24-hour call-out support and expert-level engineering input. 

All of the options include Boroledi's assistance with ensuring legal compliance, including preparation of the plant for all statutory checks.

For all of the services above, an optimisation option can also be included. This would involve optimisation of the entire steam system with input from our strategic partner, VWG Consulting. This option can be added on a fixed-cost basis or on the basis of shared savings.

What we're offering is a suite of service solutions that deliver:


How do Boroledi and VWG make a profit from these services ?

The fixed-fee portion is priced at fair value for the service delivered, and is market-related. We also consider what clients currently pay to operate their systems, and try as far as possible to provide a service at a similar or even lower cost.

Where the optimisation option is pursued, the savings generated from projects implemented are shared with the client site. The savings options can vary widely ranging from projects such as excess air optimisation, fuel switching, insulation, condensate recovery, and many others. If investment is needed, funding can be sought or the client can invest the capital. 
If you operate and maintain the entire system, will the boiler receive sufficient attention?

Absolutely. A dedicated operator will always man the boiler, which is his primary job. System-wide checks are done by our maintenance staff.
How are we charged for your services?
Either based on a fixed monthly rate or on a combination of a fixed rate and a rate that is based on the quantity of steam used. In the latter case, an agreed steam price is used. This price may fluctuate based on fuel, water and chemical prices, but the manner in which it is calculated each month is totally transparent and reported in detail with each invoice.  

The fixed rate portion would cover manning costs, consumables and, depending on client requirements, standard maintenance costs. The steam-related cost will be related to the cost of boiler fuel and treatment chemicals. Water can also be included provided the correct metering system is installed to ring-fence steam system water consumption.
How long is the service contract?

In general we prefer 5-year contracts, but are willing to negotiate depending on the size and scale of the operation.