• Preventive maintenance, where equipment is maintained before break down occurs.

  • Why it is essential to have an experienced Boiler Operator(s) - when it comes Boilers.

  • For any factory maintenance/steel work, fabrications, welding or repairs...

  • Why it is essential to have an experienced Boiler Operator(s) - when it comes Boilers.

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Do you need factory maintenance/steel work, fabrication work, welding or repairs?
Boroledi is a cost effective, reliable, professional and loyal company you can depend on. Quality, service and excellent job turnaround times are our hallmarks. We are a professional team with an uncompromising work ethic and are driven to deliver exceptional end results. We exercise respect and consideration in all of our engagements with colleagues and clients.
Our committed and excellent staff include:
- Boiler makers
- 6G coded welders
- Power Engineer
- Boiler operators
- Assistant boiler operators
Talk to our maintenance and fabrication team regarding:

Piping systems - flanged, or straight welded lines, threaded pipelines, stainless or carbon steel
Gantry systems - catwalks, stairs, handrail systems, structural beam fabrication

General Engineering - repairs to steelwork and construction of bespoke steel items 

Aesthetics - high-pressure cleaning, sandblasting, spraypainting

Our welding capabilities include: 
- Carbon steel welding
- Stainless steel welding (dairy piping,plate,structural)
- Aluminium 
- PVC welding
(Mig welding, Arc welding, Gas welding and Tig welding) 

Recently Completed Projects

Hydraulic press - full restoration of a 200 ton tyre press including hydraulic pipelines, structural frame, reservoir, valves and cylinder. Included sandblasting and a respray to remove impact of water damage
Atmospheric Deaerator - refurbishment of complete system - 16,000L storage with tray head type dearator (stand 6m high,pumps ,motors,valves, etc.)
Chimney stack three-part, 18m high, smoke box mounted, designed for 10 ton boiler
Installation and fabrication of a 20m rail jig system for supply chain handling equipment 
Supply and installation of a new pump system to remove waste ice cream (full s/s dairy piping, system and pump)
Brewery pipe labelling project - high quality vinyl labels used to color-code process piping according to ISO standards - a quarter of the factory's piping labelled 
Dairy piping system fabricated and installed for mixing tank systems
Fabricated and designed special stainless steel nozzles for a brewery
Farbricated a number of unique components for supply chain handling equipment
Manufacture and supply of boiler water sampler coolers
Steam condenser and economiser maintenance