• Preventive maintenance, where equipment is maintained before break down occurs.

  • Why it is essential to have an experienced Boiler Operator(s) - when it comes Boilers.

  • For any factory maintenance/steel work, fabrications, welding or repairs...

  • Why it is essential to have an experienced Boiler Operator(s) - when it comes Boilers.

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Preventive maintenance is an approach to reliability in which failures are prevented, and equipment function is maintained. This type of maintenance has many different variations, but has been shown to be effective in preventing age-related failures of components and equipment. Condition monitoring is an important aspect of preventive maintenance

Let us be of assistance to you - by preventing further damage to your equipment and costly repairs - by performing maintenance promptly and professionally.

Boroledi's high standards, excellent workmanship and track record are your guarantee that we will meet your needs and requirements. Our ongoing investments in skills development for our staff give us the capability required to deliver, regardless of the application. No matter how big or how small your need - give us a call.

Steam line and boiler maintenance

Replacing gaskets, flanges, pipe lines, welding steam leaks, etc.

Burner repairs

Boiler tube cleaning

AIA inspection preparation (Hydrostatic prep), waterside cleaning, furnace side cleaning ,refractory replacement and repair (fire bricks, insulating cement, mineral fibre)

Pump and Valve maintenance

Replacement of pumps and valves, steam traps and other ancillaries



High-pressure cleaning

Featured Project!
Hydraulic press - full Restoration of a 200 ton tyre press - hydraulic pipe lines, structural frame, reservoir, valves, cylinder, sandblast, re-spray etc. (water damage was main cause of failure, components were seized after standing for a long period)